Dear Miss Amber,

Last week our family took our vacation in Boca Grande, Florida. Mom and dad took me swimming in the pool and in the ocean. We practiced swim-float-swim like you taught me. We even practiced picking things up off the bottom of the pool so I could show you when I returned to my lessons were we got home.

We had a great time swimming all week and mom and dad were so proud of how I could swim-float-swim. Little did they know my newly learned skills would save my life in the last hour of our vacation.

My dad and I were taking a few things to our boat in the marina while mom brought the car around to pick us up. I was riding my bike right beside my dad so he could put it in the boat to bring home. All of a sudden, I decided to dart away from my dad and ride as fast as I could to the end of the seawall so I could jump my bike over the wall like a motorcycle. Over I went into the ocean with my bike, clothes, shoes and bike helmet. My dad and all the other people ran over to the edge to get me out. The water was murky and I was nowhere in sight. Just before my dad jumped in I surfaced and immediately did my swim-float-swim to the side of the seawall.

Thank God for Miss Amber. If not for the skills that were taught to Tyler (3 yrs) just 3 weeks preceding our vacation, he may not be with us today.

The Smith Family
Melissa, Bryn, Tyler & Hayley


Ryan is almost 7 months old and has been taking lessons from you for 3 weeks. On Sunday night, he was in our garden tub (filled close to the top), and was reaching for a toy. He fell over face first into the water and immediately he rolled over to float. I was so excited to see him do that. I am so glad we started him at Swim Totts when he turned 6 months old!

Regina Harper

My son, Walker May, loves water. It is nearly impossible to keep him away from it. He can be in it in a split second. Two weeks after he had completed his floating lessons with Miss Amber, Walker put his skills to the test. We were at a party with about 30 children. He was standing at the edge of a small pool and I was about 10 inches from him. I looked away at the 3 year old for one second and in he went. One of the other mothers, who had just said she didn’t approve of Swim Totts, had to eat her words. Within a second of hitting the water, Walker was floating. The other mother was screaming “He’s floating!” I was very proud and most thankful for Miss Amber. Walker was 10 months old at the time.

I cannot express the gratitude I feel since my twins have taken your swimming lessons. I became aware of the steps, but had no idea how confidently Amber could transfer the steps to my children. At 3 ½ weeks into our lessons, Wade fell into our pool. We were right there, but needless to say it was real! He went down, came up, flipped over to his back and kicked to the pool edge. We cried and screamed with joy. We just love Amber for teaching our boys to swim.

God Bless,
Sue, Andy, Chelci, Andrew, Wade & Wyatt Schmudlach